Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Website Design - Keep it simple & make it effective

Look at some of the most successful websites around you (Google, Facebook, Orkut). They all have only one thing in common. Their website design is plain, simple and easy to use. Most effective websites don’t employ fancy graphics or heavy animations to sell their products. They don’t try and distract their users from what they want to do and allow them to use the website with ease. The aim of any website is to sell or increase its member’s base or advertise its service. In any case the idea remains the same. Website designers should always develop a website design that keeps customers focussed on the main activity – to buy products or services offered by that company.

A lot of web designers’ use heavy graphics to make a website visually appealing. Sometimes they need to keep the client happy as many clients want to have a visually appealing website. In this case most of the good website designers will do the right thing and inform the client about the disadvantages of such a web design. They inform the customers that the important part of any website development process is not heavy visuals but good content, easy navigation and professional look and feel.

Who is your target?

The first question you have to ask your-self when you undertake website design or web development is that who is your customer? Younger generation is adept at using technology but older generations will struggle. In any case it is important that your website designer doesn’t make the website design complicated. Your web design should always concentrate on clean page layout, use minimal but attractive graphics and well organised content and navigation.

Another important issue for your website designer to consider is that the web design is cross browser compatible. The days of IE dominance are over (or at least the decline has started) and more and more people are using open standard browsers like Firefox & Opera. Make sure your web developer gives you a web design that looks consistent on all platforms.

No compromise on website content many clients in the past have asked me questions about what converts a visitor into a customer. It surely is not just website design. Website design is an envelope to display the important content. When people read your content and like it, that’s when they contact you. Also your content should generate trust between you and the visitor on your site. Website design helps in it by putting the right elements in the right place. For example contact details and mechanisms (contact us forms etc) that are easily available on your website ensures that it is easy for visitors to contact you.

Grace is an associate editor to the website Sigma InfoTech is a firm, Web design - Website design Sydney Australia for small and medium business, specializing in Graphic design, Application Development and Website Development.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tips to Hiring the RIGHT Website Designer

While we can all agree that websites don't happen magically – there's a lot of work that goes into those websites that work well and are pleasant to look at – it can be harder to figure out how to hire a website design team that will give your business the kind of web design you envision. Of course, the decision is further clouded because there are innumerable choices available these days, from hiring a freelancer all the way up to choosing a big website design firm specializing in high-end web designs. Sydney business owners like business owners across the globe, these days are presented with a wide variety of choices – and choice is good, right?

Sure, having abundant choices is great, until it leads to analysis paralysis.

Your website will determine the level of business activity you can conduct online. It will determine online – even SMS messaging – methods for communicating with existing and new customers. It will additionally act as your press box and your virtual business' front door. So, you don't want to play around with a decision that's this important.

Let's take a look at some hints that will help you hire the best website designer or web design team for your website design:

1) Do a little thinking upfront first. For example, does your website design need to have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind look, or can it have a similar layout and look and feel of other sites on the web? For those businesses with just a few products, or those starting out, a template option may work just fine to keep funds down at the start while they grow their business. For those with an established business, a large number of customers, and a larger number of products, it may make more sense to put a little more effort, time and money into the website to keep their brand growing.

2) Do a little homework upfront as well. Look, any creative and established website designer or web design firm will have a number of satisfied clients, so interview them as references of course, but you should also ask them – even if they ended up happy with the work – what went wrong, what was bumpier than they expected in the process? You'd be surprised what a little digging can reveal about a firm.

3) Learn from the mistakes of other businesses. You're a connected business owner, so call up other business owners and ask them what they would do differently when selecting a website designer or web design firm. Ask how long the process took, what it involved, and what you should expect. Sure, you can ask who they hired after, but finding out the dirt about their website design project will go a long way toward defining how you should tackle your own.

Before you hire an individual or a firm to build your website, it's important to spend a little time surfing – on the web, that is. By spending some time working with other sites, you'll know what features you want and need in your own website design. Sydney business owners, like all business owners, need to think carefully about the options you want to provide your customers – for communicating with your teams, for ordering your products, for providing feedback, for obtaining information or support. Then, list those as requirements for your business' site.

Don't just note the things you like – take note of the things you dislike as well. A list like this can go a long way toward helping any designer give you exactly what your business wants and needs while avoiding the features that irritate. Remember, if the feature bugs you, it will probably bug your customers as well. Either way, it's a great point of discussion with the designer you choose and it shows the designer that you've done your homework and you really care about the details of your business' website.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Official Google Blog: Map-making: So easy a caveman could do it

Official Google Blog: Map-making: So easy a caveman could do it

Our website design firm Sydney, expertise in website design, web design, web designer, website designer and web development process is to convert the homepage design created in the previous website development step into a working template.

Fresh entrepreneurs seek innovative web design strategies to prevail

Web design is mandatory for any business that expects online trading. Many of the companies have in house web development and maintenance department and on the other hand many rely upon the outsourced website design providers. There are many companies that offer web based solutions and it has been observed that the companies that offer only web based services serve better. Actually these companies deal with the business requirements day in and out and finally they gain much more experience. Experience counts and the end product is always better when the web is designed by the skilled and experienced web designer.

Hunt for the decent website design provider continues and finding the suitable one is not difficult with effective research. The mid sized web design companies are much better as their prices are affordable and the quality is not bad. Again these companies offer free of cost quotes. With the no obligation quotes any of us can get better insights about the entire budget. It needs to be considered that the look and feel of the site must be alluring as it reflects your business. The content of the website must be of proper quality, in addition the graphics and the photographs also should be rich in terms of look. Strong web presence with a good web site is necessary for all entrepreneurs now and as Australia has been the leader in electronic commerce, it is of much importance in Australia.

Many of the newbie or the beginners approach the web designing agencies for various purposes.  Actually the fresh entrepreneurs hunt for the ideal web based service provider that helps with suitable prices. There are many companies that offer cheaper rates but they compromise in the use of technology and finally the quality of the site gets hampered. The target of hitting the search engines with better ranks indeed plays a crucial role. Almost all of the businesses seek web presence to attract more and more web traffic for maximization of business.

The reputed website designer prefers to work hand in hand with the SEO or search engine optimisation professionals to ensure that the site is visible to the target audience. This way we can think that it is always better to seek service from a web company that offer end to end web based solutions.

Many of the website design companies ensure proper application development and associated solution where through the web interface the users can access plenty of details. The sites remain connected with databases and with several professes each user can send requests and in turn they get answers to their queries. The World Wide Web has revolutionized business processes and now it is mandatory that we need to rely upon the website designer. As majority of the web based service providers offer toll free customer service numbers it is possible to reach them.

While seeking web based solutions to get an edge over the competitors it is best to disclose the requirements to the business analysts or the project coordinators, indeed it is a good idea to borrow his experiences to ensure better returns. They can even guide the fresh entrepreneurs who seek a site to step into the online world. Sydney web design companies can be the right choice as they boast both experience and expertise.

Grace is an associate editor to the website Sigma InfoTech is a firm, Website design Sydney Australia for small and medium business, specializing in Graphic design, Application Development,and Australia Web Development.